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Kerim Nutku

Kerim Nutku

Melbourne, Australia

Kerim’s life purpose is “lighting up lives”, committed to supporting others (and himself) to be, create, achieve and experience more than they previously thought possible. He has 25 years’ experience working with senior leaders at the individual, leadership team, and wider organisation levels. As a coach, team facilitator and leadership program facilitator, his focus is on Doing AND Being – head, heart, guts, hands and spirit – igniting passion, intention, intuition, results and personal fulfillment.

He started his professional career as a teacher with the U.S. Peace Corps in Central Africa. After moving to Australia and completing an MBA, he contributed to the Business Council of Australia’s research and lobbying government to transform relationships at work from a national industrial relations system to a new-era focus on building relationships and leadership capability at the enterprise level. This work produced a boutique people strategy firm, where Kerim supported Australian corporates to build their people management and leadership capability. He then joined the global Andersen Business Consulting practice, where he led projects that built leadership team and Group Function leadership capability, including for global-200 clients. For the last 16 years, he has run his own practice–collaborating with peers–working with a diverse range of corporations, professional service partnerships, entrepreneurial startups and not-for-profits.

Kerim holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Honours) degree from Clark University, an MBA specialising in people and organisations from Melbourne Business School, and is currently completing professional training as a Relational Gestalt psychotherapist, while applying Gestalt theory and practice to his organisational work. As a certified Master Coach, he is also a certified practitioner of The Leadership Circle (Level 2 and train-the-trainer), Organisational System Dynamics & Constellations, Spiral Dynamics, and Keirsey & Hogan personality assessments. He has also completed group dynamics work with The Leicester Conference of The Tavistock Institute, emergent co-creative leadership with the Visionary Network, and The Art & Practice of Leadership Development at Harvard.

He is an American, Turkish, and now Australian citizen, who moved to Melbourne with Elisa, where they’ve had the joy (and challenge!) of raising three strong, confident daughters. While their daughters were in primary school, they made a lifestyle move to a semi-rural property outside Melbourne, which continues to be a source of rejuvenating hard work and nature. Kerim loves sharing good food and wine with family and friends, adventuring the hillsides of Italy with Elisa, discovering ever-more uses for his red tractor, and building furniture from Australian Eucalypts.