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Jane Cox

Jane Cox

Brisbane, Australia

Jane is a leadership facilitator, coach and mindfulness teacher. She brings commitment and energy to her work, co-creating learning experience to meet individual needs and aspirations while making critical connections to an organisation’s strategic vision and plan.

Jane has extensive experience gained in both the corporate and tertiary education sectors. Though her career started out in customer and financial services she soon moved into staff training, coaching and leadership development. She has a love of cross cultural communication, has managed an Indian training team for a major global telecommunications company and developed and facilitated leadership development programs for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam. Jane has a passion for adult development, complexity and systems theories and how they support teams to grow and manage ever more demanding workplaces. Over the last four years Jane has blended her personal interest in mindfulness into her work delivering mindfulness training programs for staff seeking to enhance their well-being, improve their focus and work performance.

Jane attained her Bachelor of English Literature at Syracuse University in the United States and completed her Masters in Organisational Coaching at The University of Sydney. She is accredited in the Learning Styles Inventory (LSI), The Leadership Circle (TLC) 360 feedback tools and the Hogan leadership self-assessment. Jane is an accredited teacher with the Mediation Association of Australia.

Jane’s focus on business outcomes and sustainable solutions combined with an engaging delivery style add to the lasting impact of her work. She lives in Central Queensland and is a Playback Theatre enthusiast.

Jane's training has helped me manage my day better, I feel calmer and found the training empowering and re-energising.

Senior University Academic, Faculty of Business