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How Understanding Adult Development Can Set Women Up For A Hopeful Future

By Carolyn

Carolyn is a guest on Next Fem, hosted by Tara Padua, who introduces the topic as follows:

Adult development is a fairly new field of study that is providing a ton of insight in terms of how we continue to develop as we move through adulthood. My guest today is Carolyn Coughlin, a very accomplished woman who has studied extensively in the realm of adult development. She applies what she’s learned to the coaching and consulting she does as well as in her own life as the mother of two daughters. In this conversation, we discuss what adult development is, how it is significant in understanding our own growth, and how coaches, leaders, and women, in general, can use the understanding of A.D. to facilitate teamwork, hope, and growth in their own lives. It’s a great conversation so I hope you’ll join us.