Gender and Complexity Exploration

This year, a bunch of us at Cultivating Leadership have amped up our interest in supporting women in leadership. Specifically, we want to work with those interested in improving gender representation by sharing and applying complexity tools and practices. This is a big topic that has proven resistant to significant change. Our hope is that the use of complexity ideas can offer some new ways to ‘nudge’ the system.

This workshop will have a light touch with the emphasis on exploration of the topic in practical ways. We will provide the venue, a supportive space, and 2-3 frameworks, which we teach and apply to our contexts. You are invited to bring your curiosity, willingness to explore this topic as it applies to you and your context, and an appetite for emergence.

We expect there will be enough of us with some experience of these tools to support and work with those who haven’t had that exposure – so please feel welcome whatever your level of experience with complexity ideas.

Join Carolyn Coughlin, Patrice Laslett, Anne Nagle, Sheila Buechler and Sadaffe Abid of Cultivating Leadership for this event by registering here now

  • The registration fee includes snacks, lunch can be purchased at the resort.

    Price: $100.00

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