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The Inner Edge: Developmentally Compassionate Self Coaching

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The Inner Edge: Developmentally Compassionate Self-Coaching

What Is This Workshop?

Alumni of Conversations at the Edge may recall Jennifer Garvey Berger’s story of asking herself Growth Edge questions while walking around Cambridge or waiting in line at the grocery store. “What’s the WORST thing for you about this line taking so long, Jennifer?” she would ask herself, and interesting insights would emerge.

This workshop expands that casual self-inquiry into a profound practice of self-coaching. We will apply the tools of Growth Edge Interviewing to ourselves, in dialog with the imagined voice of an ideal, compassionate listener. When coaches turn our developmental curiosity inwards, becoming lovingly familiar with our own structures and forms of mind, we can accelerate our growth and offer a greater depth of presence to our clients.

Previous participants in this workshop have told us it helps them listen as kindly and generously to themselves as they already do to others. They’ve also reported that a richer understanding of developmental coaching emerges from experiencing both sides of the process at one time. Consider this an invitation to deeper developmental partnership with yourself.

What Will You Learn?

This workshop will review some key concepts of Growth Edge Interviewing, and teach you how to build rapport with the voice of an inner coach. With gentle guidance and simple exercises, we will give you all the tools you need to begin an exploration of self-coaching.

As a preview of the Conscious Becoming: Tools for Transformational Coaching and Self-Coaching, the workshop will also touch briefly on two more advanced self-coaching skills: creating movement from dissatisfaction to action, and getting unstuck by meeting fear with love.

Who Is This For?

This workshop is primarily intended for graduates of Conversations at the Edge, but other coaches will likely find the exercises accessible and fruitful.


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The Inner Edge: Developmentally Compassionate Self-Coaching

Virtual course delivered via Zoom

Virtual course delivered via Zoom

Jul 9th, 2024  /  1:002:30pm  /  New York (EDT)

  • Dates & Time

    Jul 9th, 2024

    1:002:30pm  /  New York (EDT)

  • Fee

    USD $15

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  • Sessions

    SessionJuly 9th, 20241:00pm1 hour 30 minutes
  • Format

    Live 90-minute Zoom


    Needs-based discounts available on request


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