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Conscious Becoming: Foundations of Self-Coaching

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Sometimes, you have to sit yourself down and give yourself a good listening-to

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Conscious Becoming: Foundations of Self-Coaching

What Is This Program?

We are wired for learning, growth, creativity, and kindness—but only when we feel safe. As coaches, we can invite that safety for clients by welcoming all of who they are, including their tenderest fears, wildest ambitions, and deepest contradictions. Many coaches struggle, though, to treat themselves equally kindly.

Conscious Becoming: Tools for Transformational Coaching and Self-Coaching teaches a methodology for self-coaching, a generative dialog with your own ideal compassionate listener. This workshop will cover the first of three core self-coaching skills, building rapport with your inner coach, and lightly touch on the other two: creating movement from dissatisfaction to action, and getting unstuck by meeting fear with love.

Getting a taste of your own medicine supports your healing even as it lets you refine the recipe. Coaches who have taken this program before report greater ease and kindness with themselves as well as new depth of presence with their clients. Several have labeled it the best coaching training they’ve ever received.

What Will You Learn?

Previous participants in this workshop have told us it helps them listen as kindly and generously to themselves as they already do to others. They’ve also reported that a richer understanding of developmental coaching emerges from experiencing both sides of the process at one time. 

With gentle guidance and simple exercises, this workshop will give you all the tools you need to begin an exploration of self-coaching.

Who Is This For?

In the past, I’ve called this program my love letter to anyone who struggles to balance self-acceptance and self-development. It can be so hard to grow on purpose without rejecting the person you are today, and I wanted to offer compassion and tools for that struggle.

I thought it would appeal primarily to non-coaches, using it as an on-demand substitute for coaching. To my surprise, many coaches took the class and were delighted with their learnings, including some who have been in the field for decades. It turns out, the things I’m teaching are less obvious to other coaches than I thought! 

This cohort is an experiment in targeting the class specifically to coaches (or facilitators, counsellors, etc), albeit coaches of all experience levels. If you work with people to help them grow, you will probably find something of benefit here.

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Conscious Becoming: Foundations of Self-Coaching

Virtual course delivered via Zoom

Virtual course delivered via Zoom

Jul 23rd, 2024  /  1:002:30pm  /  New York (EDT)

  • Dates & Time

    Jul 23rd, 2024

    1:002:30pm  /  New York (EDT)

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    USD $15

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    Session 1July 23rd, 20241:00pm1 hour 30 minutes
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    Live 90 minute Zoom session mandatory.


    If cost is an issue, please reach out to Yotam Schachter Yotam@cultivatingleadership.com for a full scholarship.


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